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Aleppo, Syria : help women in need

As everyone knows now, the civil population of Syria – and, in those days, of Aleppo – is the principal victim of the devastating conflict that has been affecting the country over the past 5 years. The inhabitants of Aleppo are currently suffering from severe violence, and amongst them, the Christian minority is particularly vulnerable.

What is this Women‘s Community Houses Program ?

Because of violence, stress and shortage of supplies, misery and discouragement, women feel more and more isolated and the birth-rate has dropped significantly.  Survival of widows and orphans is also a cause of concern.

The civil war and the underlying worries about the country’s future have had a significant impact on the population in Aleppo, and more particularly on Christian families.

In response to this situation, Women’s Community Houses have been set up. There, mothers, daughters, wives and widows can get together and seek assistance. Women’s Community Houses aims at covering pregnancy and childbirth costs, providing social assistance, health education, favoring social ties and exchanges, facilitating professional retraining.

By favoring exchanges, by giving medical support and professional assistance, Help Eastern Christians trust this program will help women of Aleppo restore their self confidence, and hope in a better future.


The Women ‘s Community Houses Program needs your support. We thank you  in advance for your generosity.